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New Byline: Why Better Parental Leave Matters for the MarTech Industry

Posted by Miriam Tremelling on Feb 14, 2019 3:54:00 PM
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Partnerize Chief Operations Officer Paul Fellows has had an article published in MarTechSeries describing the importance of exceptional parental leave for plans in the marketing technology industry. Here is an excerpt from Paul's article:



Working in the Marketing Technology space, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by innovation on a daily basis. Ours is an industry that prides itself on continual progress, on early adoption of new technological advances, and on a relentless pursuit of improved insights and solutions.

No matter the technology that underpins our solutions, there’s one core asset that all successful Marketing Technology firms share: passionate, productive employees. Our companies are defined by our people, and their success is our success. So, shouldn’t we be investing in their success at both the professional and personal level?

At Partnerize, we think it’s time for the MarTech space to extend our future-focused thinking around solutions to encompass the way that we care for the people who drive our companies. That’s why, at the end of 2018, Partnerize rolled out a new industry-leading parental benefits policy. Entitled “Partnerize Parents,” the program dramatically enhances paid leave provisions for new parents and provides increased flexibility for parents to meet family obligations as they balance work and family life.

Read the rest of the article in MarTechSeries.


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