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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Trends to Watch

Posted by Partnerize on Nov 23, 2016 8:54:45 AM

With Black Friday rearing its head this week and Cyber Monday just around the corner, global retailers are primed and ready for action. Last year, Black Friday drove £1.1 billion online sales in one day and sales this year are estimated to surpass those figures.

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How THE ICONIC Evolved its Affiliate Marketing & Lifted Revenue

Posted by Partnerize on Oct 6, 2016 6:03:48 AM

Client Success Story

THE ICONIC is Australia's leading online destination for fashion and sportswear, selling products from over 700 Australian and international brands. Although they managed a large portion of their affiliate channel in-house and had direct relationships with their key marketing partners, THE ICONIC sought a technology partner that provided more sophisticated, in-depth performance data and would enable them to work with all of their partners on a single platform. 

The Challenge:

The main challenge THE ICONIC faced was transitioning to a technology platform while seamlessly onboarding existing marketing partners. Onboarding any new enterprise software can present challenges, and with thousands of partners to transition in the affiliate channel, seamless execution is critical to avoid wasting money both in lost sales and inefficient use of internal resources.

THE ICONIC's affiliate program was fragmented across multiple networks and lacked in-depth performance data, which hindered long-term channel growth. THE ICONIC needed a solution that allowed them to view all partner performance data on a single dashboard, track individual partner performance in detail, and increase data transparency alongside their partners to improve performance.

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How iProspect & adidas Drove Massive Affiliate Channel Growth

Posted by Partnerize on Sep 15, 2016 3:43:15 PM

Client Success Story

As a global agency, iProspect has a highly-scalable offering with one of the largest agency affiliate marketing teams. They have the expertise, global footprint, and relationships to grow channels and incorporate new markets while benefiting from local insights. For these reasons, bringing their affiliate program in-house made sense for both them and their clients - including global sportswear brand adidas.

The Challenge:

The main challenge iProspect faced was running the affiliate program for adidas in four markets. Each market had its own account manager with little to no correspondence, no centralized reporting, budgeting or forecasting - and, most importantly, no shared insights. Affiliate accounted for only 6% of adidas's digital spend, so there was ample room for growth.

iProspect wanted to become further embedded with adidas and truly understand their internal challenges and margins within their affiliate channels. iProspect looked at different solutions that would allow them to migrate their program entirelty in-house on a self-serve platform and acheive the objectives of centralization, consolidation and changing their network model. 

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Using Data Visualization to Maximize Customer LTV & Performance Marketing Activities

Posted by Partnerize on Aug 17, 2016 10:34:53 AM

From Big Data to Relevant Data

Big data has died down as a buzzword over the past couple of years and largely reverted to what it's been all along: data. Let's face it—when referring to data, "big" is likely a given. For most companies, the volume of available raw data is so immense it maxes out conventional spreadsheets and any actionable insights are buried deep in an avalanche of numbers.  

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Mobile Commerce Insights from Online Retail Industry Awards

Posted by Simon McDonald on Jul 28, 2016 1:56:11 PM


Last week, Performance Horizon attended the 7th Annual StarTrack Online Retail Industry Awards along with 700 people at the Dockside Pavilion in Sydney, Australia.

As part of the event, Performance Horizon sponsored the award category “Best Mobile Commerce Site/Application,” which spotlighted the retailer with the best overall mobile site and/or smartphone application.

We mention this not to simply tout our own participation but to draw attention to a topic that should be top of mind for every retailer – and in fact – every brand and digital advertiser: mobile commerce.

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Performance Marketing Insights in Retail

Posted by Jonathan Beacher on Jul 21, 2016 1:21:17 PM

Photo courtsey of Emily Brown

Hello performance marketers! We recently hosted a retail-oriented educational seminar in London featuring key speakers from Visa, adidas, and Quidco. There were some interesting discussions and we wanted to share a brief recap and some takeaways that may apply to everyone in the performance marketing space.

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