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Partnerize Launches Game-Changer: Brand Discovery!

Posted by Jim Nichols on Dec 18, 2019 3:18:00 PM

We’re delighted to announce a new feature in the Partnerize Partner Automation Platform: Brand Discovery! Brand Discovery is all about helping more brands and partners find one another and seamlessly connect. 

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Insights From The Melbourne Partnership Panel

Posted by Tara Lusk on Dec 11, 2019 1:34:41 PM

Last week we brought the Melbourne partner marketing community together for a panel discussion followed by a networking happy hour. For the panel, we invited four of Australia’s leading publishers and agencies to reflect on learnings from this year, and share their thoughts on the exciting things to come in 2020.

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New Byline: 4 Ways to Restore Value in Publisher-Advertiser Relationships

Posted by Partnerize on Aug 8, 2019 4:57:00 PM

Misty Brewster, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Partnerize, has had a byline published about the importance of strong and highly productive relationships between publishers and advertisers. In the piece, which appeared in Publishing Executive, Misty outlines several ways to restore these relationships to their most beneficial state. 

Here is an excerpt from Misty's article:

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It's Time We Focused More on Partnerships: How To Evolve Beyond a Set-and-Forget Approach

Posted by Annabel Gray on Jul 24, 2019 4:18:33 PM


A guest post from Silverbean. From time to time, our partners and clients submit posts to our site for publication. We are pleased to publish a range of these opinions, which reflect the POVs of the author(s).

The partnerships channel has seen explosive growth in the last few years. What was previously a small, and sometimes forgotten channel within a digital marketers mix, is now  driving upwards of 20% of online revenue. With such rapid growth, it’s more important than ever for marketers to focus on and optimize their partner marketing program and move away from the very common a set-and-forget approach.

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Four Misconceptions About Couponing

Posted by Alexander Hold on Jul 7, 2019 8:51:37 PM

A guest post from Global Savings Group. From time to time, our partners and clients submit posts to our site for publication. We are pleased to publish a range of these opinions, which reflect the POVs of the author(s).

Modern coupons have evolved far beyond the paper trimmings that were once associated with promotional deals. Today, most coupons are digital and many are delivered to highly targeted audiences. Coupons are also very influential during the consumer decision journey – they can even help in building brand awareness and brand loyalty.

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Making your Partner Migration a Success

Posted by Kristin Bouveng on May 30, 2019 7:50:00 AM

You’ve gone through the timely process of evaluating your partner/affiliate management options. Now it's time to begin the process of going live on your new platform. Making the transition from one partner management platform to another can seem a little daunting. It might feel like shifting your entire partner base to a new provider is a huge undertaking.

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The Evolution Of Couponing

Posted by Alexander Hold on Nov 26, 2018 1:54:12 PM

A guest post from Cuponation. From time to time, our partners and clients submit posts to our site for publication. We are pleased to publish a range of these opinions, which reflect the POVs of the author(s).


The world of couponing has a wider span and a more complex history than we often realise. From cutting out coupons in the newspaper, to today’s intuitive online coupons, the history of the coupon has been an exciting one.

In this guest blog post on, I am going to take a look at the evolution of the coupon and where its future lies within the retail landscape.

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New Byline on the Qualities to Look for in a Performance Partner

Posted by Jim Nichols on May 1, 2018 3:47:00 PM

Today, our friends at Forbes published a byline from our team that focuses on the right qualities to look for in a partner. The piece promulgates five key criteria to help find the perfect partners for your company. Here's a brief excerpt:

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Transformational Partnership Event in San Francisco

Posted by Holly Brim on Feb 16, 2018 11:01:10 AM

What happens when you round up innovative brands, agencies, tech partners, and publishers in the same room? Transformational Partnerships.

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Byline: Learn the Secrets to Keep Partners Driving Growth for Your Programs

Posted by Jim Nichols on Feb 2, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Internet Retailer published a byline from Holly Brim on our team here about special strategies and tactics that can keep partners active and motivated. Here's a brief piece of the text to get you started:

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