Partnerize Launches Game-Changer: Brand Discovery!

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We’re delighted to announce a new feature in the Partnerize Partner Automation Platform: Brand Discovery! Brand Discovery is all about helping more brands and partners find one another and seamlessly connect. 

Many of our clients have asked for easier ways to connect with more partners. Brand Discovery will enable them to open campaign(s) up to be discovered by the 1000’s of partners on the Partnerize platform and for those partners to apply to join. For partners, understanding what campaigns are available to apply for and join can help them build their business with the great brands that work with Partnerize. Great new connections for all those that want them. 

For the first time, registered partners on the Partnerize platform will be able to browse the full list of open programs from brands that use Partnerize. This feature will enable content publishers, influencers, cashback sites, loyalty communities, non-traditional partners, and other partner types, to find and apply to brand programs quickly and easily. In April, Partnerize launched Partner Discovery,  a feature that empowered brands to find partners that made sense for them to work with. Now Brand Discovery makes the reverse possible. 

With Brand Discovery, brands have the flexibility to opt-in at the campaign level. They can open one, several, or all of their campaigns to new partner applications – or keep their programs private. Further, brands can rest assured that only they will have access to their unique partners. 

“We’ve been really pleased with the traction we’ve had since Partnerize launched Partner Discovery,” said Victoria Raby, Commercial Director at commerce content publisher Global Savings Group. “We’re thrilled that they are opening their ecosystem for us to find great brands to work with using the new Brand Discovery feature.”

“Brand Discovery is an innovation that helps all types of partners identify and work with additional advertisers that will drive results for both parties,” said Partnerize Chief Product Officer Matt Simmonds. “This is another step forward in our platform’s ability to help brands build more meaningful partnerships. Further, over time, the feature will leverage machine learning and intelligence to recommend the campaigns with the highest potential for success for both partners and brands.”


Partnerize helps the world’s leading brands build powerful business partnerships that drive extraordinary business growth. The Partnerize Partner Management Platform (PMP) is an end-to-end, SaaS-based solution for forming, managing, analyzing, and predicting the future results of partner marketing programs using artificial intelligence. Hundreds of the world’s largest brands leverage our real-time technology to Partnerize their businesses. In fact, the Partnerize PMP drives and manages more than $6B in partner programs and financial exchanges across 214 countries and territories worldwide.