To say 2020 is not quite going to plan is somewhat of an understatement. COVID-19 has impacted our lives in countless ways and the impact of the virus will almost certainly leave permanent changes to the way we work and live.

My position in Customer Success at Partnerize means that during this period, I’ve been in constant communication with some of the world’s most well-known brands and that’s resulted in not only a view of what individual brands are doing in response, but also a view of where the industry is in terms of dealing with the issues being presented to them.

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As part of an effort to keep the industry informed about the state of the partnerships industry, Partnerize is conducting aggregated analysis of click and conversion activity by category during these uncertain times. These data show the activity we are seeing across the Partnerize Platform, among those clients who allow their data to be aggregated and reported in this manner.

Our 300+ advertisers are not necessarily representative of the market in total, but they can provide visibility into what a big sample of large advertisers is doing in response to the times.

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Welcome to our content and virtual event series, Growing Together in Uncertain Times.   As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, challenges for brands and partners are changing daily. At Partnerize, our focus is to be a resource for our clients, partners, and the entire partner marketing community as we face these challenges together. That is why we have created this new content series consisting of eGuides, webinars, and blog posts. The goal of this content is to spark ideas and conversation around improving business results and meeting immediate challenges through partnership.  
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It’s hard to believe that in most regions we are just a few weeks into this new world. Yet, across our industry in my conversations with partners, agencies, and clients, I am already sensing a change in the way that people are responding to the current situation. 

Fundamentally, ours is an industry of doers – people who examine a situation and formulate ways to conduct business in that context. These times have been a big shock to every aspect of life, including business. Some aspects of partnership and affiliate have become more difficult. But partners and brands are now responding and adjusting to this new normal.

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The Partnerize Partnership Automation Platform connects over 300 leading global brands with thousands of partners, driving extraordinary growth for all involved. The AI-powered platform delivers data-driven intelligence and industry-leading management tools that are essential for materially improving ROI from the fast-growing partner marketing channel. More than $6Billion in partner sales is tracked through Partnerize annually.

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In the partner marketing world, lots of articles are published on the channel’s value to marketing and business development leaders. But for chief financial officers (CFOs), not so much. This is unfortunate because CFOs are often much less familiar with the dynamics of this fast-growing sales driver.

In uncertain times, many chief financial officers are asking the digital marketing and ecommerce teams to find ways to drive sales more efficiently, and with less risk. What some CFOs may not be aware of is that partner and affiliate marketing are well-suited to such situations. Further, these channels are highly scalable – many brands have a great deal of untapped sales opportunity available.

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As we all face the current situation, many companies are making decisions about the allocation of marketing resources. One issue that partner marketers face is that some senior leaders in their companies may not understand the partnership and affiliate channels – how they work, the compensation model, and the ROI that is regularly driven from the space.

About a year ago, we published a piece that ran on Forbes that provided a summary of the strengths of this marketing channel. If you find yourself needing to educate internal teams on the value of partnership, we hope these points can be helpful. 

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Many people have asked about what we are seeing in the aggregated data for partner and affiliate programs worldwide and by category of advertiser.

To find out, we’ve examined the March 2020 data for all programs in order to provide insights into how the industry is responding to the current uncertain situation. We also asked our Client Success and Partnerships teams about the topics that they are discussing most as they reach out to their counterparts. 

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Join the conversation on moving forward in times of change and uncertainty, as we host live webinars in three regions:

EMEA: Wednesday, April 22, at 2:30pm GMT (with PerformanceIN) Register APAC: Wednesday, April 22nd at 3:30pm AEST Register US/Canada: Wednesday, April 29th at 2:00pm EST Register
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In our last post, we reviewed some general advice for going forward. But what about more specifics? What should we be thinking about and pursuing?

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Partnerize is the leader in partnership automation. The AI-powered Partnerize Partnership Automation Platform delivers data-driven intelligence and industry-leading management tools that are essential for materially improving ROI from this fast-growing sales channel. The Partnerize platform has won more than two dozen awards including Best Technology at the International Performance Marketing Awards. The world’s leading companies, including 63 top retailers, 12 international airlines, 10 of the largest telecoms, and more than 200 other global brands rely on Partnerize’s platform to drive and manage more than $6B in partner sales and $500M in partner payments every year.


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