New Byline Advocates for a Switch from Pixel Tracking

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Regular readers of this blog know that we recommend clients leverage direct, API-based integrations instead of pixel-based tracking wherever possible. While we offer pixel-based tracking of unsurpassed quality and comprehensiveness, we also recognize that over time actions by the leading browsers are slowly impeding the ability of pixel tracking to capture a comprehensive view of marketing programs. 

Today, ExchangeWire published a byline from our Head of Integrations, Si Fung, on the straightforward process of making the switch. Here’s a piece of that great byline:

The best way to mitigate the current challenges facing pixel-based tracking, and to safeguard tracking and data integrity, is to build API integrations with your marketing technology solutions providers. Benefits include the following: 1)There are no third-party cookies used, so browser policies will no longer affect your data flow. 2)You can improve data security in transit and at rest with more secure information transfers. 3)You can track and measure all conversions in a more robust and secure manner, without missing any transactions because of cookie deprecation or deletion. Given these advantages, lots of marketers would love to replace their pixel-based tracking with API integrations. But, historically, many have decided to delay API integrations out of a misconception they are difficult and time-consuming to implement. Let me assuage those concerns. 

Read the entire post here in English. Or Japanese!

(Note, since this article was published we have changed our name from Performance Horizon to Partnerize. Check out our home page for more information.)



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