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International Donut Day: We Celebrate … and Remember

Posted by Jim Nichols on Jun 1, 2018 11:44:35 AM
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Every once in a while there is a cause so important that it begs for the entire team to pull together as one – united in solidarity for … donuts!

Yes, our team loves to eat donuts. But Donut Day has an important history, so we thought we'd lay that out here as well.

Dough for Tommies and Diggers and Doughboys

In World War 1, the members of the Salvation Army passed out donuts to Allied soldiers and others tied to the war effort. This simple act showed those brave men and women that they were cared about, and brought something a little special to daily existences full of trenches, mud, blood and pain.


This wasn’t just a home front activity for men and women on leave. Rather, the Salvation Army team also set up shop close to the front so that they could bring a little joy to those hunkering down in trenches, caring for wounded in Red Cross tents, or shortly having to go “over the top” in a charge into No Man’s Land.

Donuts may seem a trivial thing in the context of a war. But we remember because they were emotionally important to those serving who got them.

A Worldwide Celebration

These days, Donut Day is fun, and gives people another reason (as if one were necessary) to have a donut. Our offices around the world enjoyed donuts today. Here are a few of the pictures. It was fun, but we haven’t forgotten the meaning of this holiday and invite you to learn more about this 80-year-old tradition.


donut 1

donut 3


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