New Byline: How to Fight Back Against Exploding Media Costs

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Partnerize’s VP Customer Success APAC, Alix Simpson has had a byline called How to Fight Back Against Exploding Media Costs published in B&T. In it, she offers several strategies for handling rising media costs in Australia – or anywhere – including SEO, media partnerships, and more. Here is an excerpt from Alix’s article:

How to Fight Back Against Exploding Media Costs2

When it comes to digital ad costs, Australia is consistently near the top of the chart. With the world’s fourth highest CPC, some of the world’s highest ad expenditures per digital user, and continued increases in overall spending expected in 2019, that unfortunate top ranking shows no sign of disappearing any time soon.

There are lots of reasons why. There are fewer Australians than there are Americans or Brits, and a shortage of high quality content in the market means advertisers bid up quality inventory. Plus Australians strongly rely on mobile devices, where ads are more expensive. So high costs are a fact of life. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can use to take more control of your ad costs, even while capitalizing on the effectiveness and accountability of digital. Consider these approaches for your brand:

Get more aggressive with natural search (SEO)

In my experience, marketers have binary attitudes about SEO. They’ve either had great experience with it and love it, or spent a bundle on employees or agencies that got no results, and hate it. It you are an SEO lover, work with your team and industry to find out what could take your efforts to the next level. That might be getting more aggressive with content, or investment in new tech to improve your visibility.

If you don’t currently invest in SEO, reconsider. Don’t let a bad past experience convince you that SEO won’t work. Do a little digging to find good people or providers. Ask for recommendations from colleagues. After all, for commercial, product-oriented searches, more than a third of clicks go to natural results. There’s no reason not to try and get your fair share of that big a pool.

Create CPA deals with mainstream media companies

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s 2018 Report on digital advertising showed that 68 cents of every digital ad dollar went to just two companies, with all other media outlets competing for the remaining third. That squeeze is making many “mainstream” media companies more receptive to buying models like Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – something many of them would have turned down flat just a few years ago.

By engaging these companies as partners and getting them to share the risk, advertisers can better control their costs, ensuring that they generate revenue from media before they have to pay for it. 


Read the rest of the article in B&T.


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