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Dinner In NYC With Firneo Community

Posted by Holly Brim on Nov 26, 2018 10:15:58 AM
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On November 15, the Partnerize New York team enjoyed dinner with the Firneo Business Development Community to discuss the changing landscape of strategic partnerships.

Scott Pollack of Firneo brings together business development leaders in a variety of industries to discuss marketing strategy and emerging technology. At the dinner, the discussion revolved around strategic partnerships, what business leaders look for in partnership development, what they need to make a partnership successful, and how they measure partnerships.

Dinner In NYC With Firneo Community

The consensus from the group was that no matter the industry, partnerships can be challenging but very rewarding. Sometimes partnerships that seem very synergistic between both brands, may have mixed results in outcome or revenue. Partnerships are equally about mutual goals, and the right timing with both parties.

The group also agreed that more education and open conversation about partnerships, specifically for business development, would be beneficial.

"Business Development and Partnerships is not a career you can study in school - the rules and best practices are being written in real-time by the people doing the work,” said Scott Pollack, Founder & CEO, Firneo. “Creating opportunities to bring together like-minded peers to connect, build strong relationships, and share knowledge will help professionals to advance in their partnerships careers and companies to progress against their partnerships goals."

Thanks to all who attended. We look forward to hosting a future dinner with the Firneo Community.

About Scott Pollack and Firneo:

Scott Pollack is the Founder & CEO of Firneo, which is building peer communities for new and emerging career tracks like Business Development, Growth Marketing, Data Science, and Product Management.  Prior to starting Firneo, Scott was the VP of Business Development at WeWork, Head of Business Development at SumAll, and spent over a decade at companies like American Express and Dow Chemical.  Scott also authored a book called What, Exactly, Is Business Development which was a #1 new release on Amazon.

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